Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The Holiday weekend is wrapping up and it was very nice. We got a little rain yesterday but Friday, Saturday, and today have been great.

The pool is now open and heated!!! The ice cream machine is on!!!

Cabin 8 is progressing nicely. It should be open by the middle of June.

This week we are continuing to work on landscaping, caulking and staining the exterior of Cabin 8, finish painting and staining the interior of Cabin 8, tile cabin 8, kitchen flooring Cabin 8, and cabinets installed on Cabin 8.

The temperature is great!

Come on up.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Maybe Spring is Here?? Cabin 8 and Property Beautification Continues!

I am afraid of speaking too early again, but maybe Spring is really here this time. The snow is essentially gone from around the lodge. The gates to both the North Slope Road and the Highway are open. The snow is melted off the Highway to just past Whitney turnoff. It will probably be at least another month before the Highway is open from Kamas.

The ATVs are here and some of the trails are accessible. Half day rides are great right now.

We are working very hard to improve the grounds and to complete all construction by the middle of June.

The swimming pool should be open by the end of the month.

Cabin 8 is progressing rapidly. We are starting the interior work and sheetrock is going on the walls on Tuesday. This cabin will be ready for use by the end of June.

Come on up - We are still running the rent one get one free special on Cabins and ATVs until June 12. To make reservations call 801 798-1008.