Thursday, August 28, 2008

Water is in and Ridge beam is up!

Water is in (as you can see we had to use a garden hose) and the pool and spas are now full.
Also, if you look closely, you can see the black cast iron fence is up.
The coping stones are going around the pool and spas tomorrow.
These should be ready for use within about 10 days. We will keep the pool open for a few weeks or until we get the first really cold weather.
The spas will be open year round.
You can also see that the ridge beam is up on Cabin 6. The roof will also be on in about 10 days and then we will add windows and doors and begin doing the interior work.
Next week is a very busy week. We will work to complete the pool and spas.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Progress Continuing before Labor Day Weekend

We are making progress!
The schedule for this week is:
Today (Monday) - Continue to put up logs on the cabin. Paint pool house, caulk pool house, finished plumbing (added toilets and sinks) in pool house bathrooms.
Tuesday - Fencing around pool, plastering pool and hot tubs, marble in pool house showers.
Wednesday - Start filling pool with water.
Thursday - Start roofing system on Cabin 6. Continue to fill pool with water (it will take three days).
Friday - Complete landscaping around pool and complete filling pool and hot tubs. If things go well, we may be able to use the pool and hot tubs this weekend.
Come up for a drive this weekend. It is only in the 70's today and I understand it is near 100 degrees in SLC.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More Progress

Check back tomorrow. I am having trouble uploading the photos. We are making progress. We are putting down the second floor on Cabin #6. It is looking great. We are pouring the remaining decking around the pool and hot tubs tomorrow.The tile has been placed around the pool and hot tubs. The should be plastered next week.The pool fencing is going in Wednesday.The pool house has windows and doors.The inside of the pool house has been sheetrocked and is ready for paint on Wednesday.Thursday power will be provided then the pool house and lights and outlets should be working.Friday, plumbing will be run to the pool house for the bathrooms and laundry room.So it is going to be a busy week.I will hopefully post photos tomorrow.We are pulling the building permit for Cabins 7 and 8 on Thursday. Both of these cabins will be quarter ownership. The price per quarter share is $225,000. If you want more details on this great program call me at 801 971-4002. These will not last long and once they are gone they are gone. Construction on Cabin 7 and 8 should start next week.Thanks for checking back often.Roger

Owners Update-The Bair Family

Since Roger is out of town and hopefully having a great time, and we are at the cabins, we will update the blog. The weather has been nice other than it's getting a little cool at night. The workers are sheet-rocking the pool house. The hot tubs are cemented in and they have started to tile the pool and hot tub. Cabin 6 has most of the main floor walls up. The progress is very exciting. Come and see for yourself. We are having a great week.
The Bairs

Five-Bedroom Cabin Now Available To Rent-Special Price for Early Booking

We are now taking reservations for the new five-bedroom cabin beginning December 1, 2008. If you book your stay in the five-bedroom cabin before September 30, 2008, we will give you a 10% discount. The logs are going up and we are progessing quickly! The cabin can be rented as a two-bedroom unit, a three-bedroom unit, or the entire five-bedroom unit. The prices are as follows:
2 Bedroom: $299 Sun-Thurs, $369 Fri, Sat & Holiday
3 Bedroom: $469 Sun-Thurs, $529 Fri, Sat & Holiday
5 Bedroom: $699 Sun-Thurs, $799 Fri, Sat & Holiday
Please call (801) 798-1008 for questions or to make reservations.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Logs are Going UP - Spas are being completed

Logs have started to go up on the new cabin. These 10 inch logs really look nice.

The spas are coming together and will be gunnited on Thursday.

The temps are starting to cool off. The high today is only in the 70s. Last night the temperature got down into the 40s.

We have a buyer for the first of 12 quarter ownerships. This is really a great program. Anyone interested please contact me at 801 971-4002.




Some of our visitors decided to help our excavators. Progress is being made. More photos soon.