Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quarter Ownerships Soon to be Available

We are working with the county and state to be able to offer quarter ownerships in the new five bedroom cabins. We will only have 12 of these ownerships available in this Phase of the project.

Quarter ownerships allow the owner access to the cabin every fourth week. The key is that the owner can choose which dates they want to use the cabin (either all five bedrooms or just use two or three bedrooms and lock off the other portion) and then place the remaining days in the rental program. This program has worked very well for those who bought into it in Phase One.

The cabin can then be treated as a rental property. We will fully manage the property including marketing, reservations, checking in guests, cleaning, and maintenance. The Owners simply use the time they want and then collect a rental check for the time it is rented.

Another great feature with the five bedroom cabins is that the Owners can use all five bedrooms or use two or three bedrooms at a time and lock off the other section so it can be rented. That way an Owner can make money while they are still using the cabin.

This concept and these cabins have a lot of options.

Remember you can access the plans to the cabins by selecting the window on the home page of our website.

We are currently entering into non-binding Priority Reservation Agreements for these quarter ownerships. The price is $200,000 and the annual maintenace fee is projected at $12,750. The annual maintenace fee can be paid from rental revenue and then the remainder can go to the Owners as profit.

For more information contact Roger at 801 971-4002 or send an email to

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pool and Pool House are Getting Closer

The outdoor swimming pool, two large hot tubs, and the pool house are progressing quickly. The pool has been poured and is waiting to be plastered. The holes have been dug for the two large hot tubs, and the plumbing is being placed.

The pool house has its roof on and will have windows and doors soon.

We also poured the basement floor for Cabin #6. Logs will start going up next week.

The landscaping is completed for this year. We think it looks great.

We just raised prices 10% on all Shared Cabin Ownership. Anyone interested in entering into a contract before August 1 can still get the lower prices. Contact Roger at 801 971-4002 or email for more details.

See you in the mountains.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quarter Ownerships Now Available

For those of you who follow this Blog, you surely know by now that we are constructing the first of four new cabins. Each cabin is 3,600 square feet, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, with an incredible master suite.

The first of these cabins will be completed by Christmas and we are working to have the second completed for next summer.

The first cabin is being sold in 1/13 and 1/26th increments. This allows owners to use the cabins up to four weeks each year. We have already entered into Agreements to sell four of the 1/13th ownerships.

The second, third, and fourth cabins are being sold as either whole ownership or quarter ownership interests. The unique quality of whole or quarter interests is that as an owner you can place the cabin in our rental program when you are not using it. This makes it a wonderful rental property. How many properties can you use and rent?

We have six units that were sold in Phase 1 as whole ownerships. We SOLD OUT Phase 1whole ownerships. We are now accepting Priority Reservation Agreements for the whole and quartership interests in the new cabins. The cost of quarter ownership is $200,000. This will give you 13 weeks each year to use or place in our rental program. The property is fully managed. We take care of marketing, cleaning, checking in and out guests and every other detail. Your job is to use and enjoy the cabin whenever you want and to cash the monthly rental checks for time not used. This truly is a great program. We have limited space available so now is the time to buy.

I am happy to go over the details of the program with you. Give me a call. My cell phone is (801) 971-4002 or send an email to



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swimming Pool is Going In!

This morning they started cementing (gunniting) the pool. They are about finished with this process and then we will start the two hot-tubs.

The logs are taking shape on the pool house.

The foundation is in on Cabin 6.

We are getting a little rain today and the weather is very cool. Come on up and enjoy.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Logs are going UP!

The log setters have started work on the Pool House. They have indicated that they will have the walls up and the roof on by the end of July.

Tomorrow they are pouring (gunniting?)the swimming pool. I will do my best to post photos.

The foundation for Cabin #6 was poured today. Logs should be going up by the end of the month.

Landscaping has been completed for the year. The trees and rock landscaping look great. We have also poured cement walkways to each cabin which will be a nice addition for winter.

I promise photos of the pool, foundation for Cabin #6, and landscaping within the next few days.

The weather has been great. The ATV riding is exceptional. Come on up and enjoy a few days.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Improvements are Made - July 4

Well the construction week has come to an end. We accomplished a lot of our goals this week but we have a lot more to do next week.

Landscaping has started and is looking very nice. I think the trees and rock landscaping loog great. One small problem is that when planting the second tree we knocked over the water valve and broke the water line. As we worked to repair the first break we caused a second leak and the next thing we knew we had been trying to repair the water line all day. Night time came and we still had no water. Finally, at about 10:00 PM Thursday night, after many failed attempts we used enough glue, parts, clamps, and chewing gum to get it to hold until a plumber can get here on Monday.

The footings for Cabin 6 were poured and are ready for foundation. The foundation for the pool house is complete and ready for the cement floor.

The swimming pool contractor continues to make progress with the rough plumbing.

The parking lot is open once again and is fairly graded.

The road to the fishing pond is outstanding. It is the nicest it has ever been. You can easily take a car to the ponds.

We start again on Monday. First priority is to repair the plumbing. We will then begin to work on the pool house.

More next week. Have a great holiday weekend.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Construction Continues July 2

Today is Wednesday, July 2. The week hasn't gone exactly as scheduled but we are making progress.

Landscaping is moving along great. We are creating nice rock areas and the trees and plants were delivered today. I will post photos tomorrow.

The cabin footings are started and will be poured tomorrow.

The pool house is ready for the foundation pouring tomorrow.

The swimming pool plumbing was started today and should be in place by the weekend.

As you can see in the photos, the logs have been delivered.

The weather is beautiful tonight. Come take a look this weekend.