Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quarter Ownerships Soon to be Available

We are working with the county and state to be able to offer quarter ownerships in the new five bedroom cabins. We will only have 12 of these ownerships available in this Phase of the project.

Quarter ownerships allow the owner access to the cabin every fourth week. The key is that the owner can choose which dates they want to use the cabin (either all five bedrooms or just use two or three bedrooms and lock off the other portion) and then place the remaining days in the rental program. This program has worked very well for those who bought into it in Phase One.

The cabin can then be treated as a rental property. We will fully manage the property including marketing, reservations, checking in guests, cleaning, and maintenance. The Owners simply use the time they want and then collect a rental check for the time it is rented.

Another great feature with the five bedroom cabins is that the Owners can use all five bedrooms or use two or three bedrooms at a time and lock off the other section so it can be rented. That way an Owner can make money while they are still using the cabin.

This concept and these cabins have a lot of options.

Remember you can access the plans to the cabins by selecting the window on the home page of our website.

We are currently entering into non-binding Priority Reservation Agreements for these quarter ownerships. The price is $200,000 and the annual maintenace fee is projected at $12,750. The annual maintenace fee can be paid from rental revenue and then the remainder can go to the Owners as profit.

For more information contact Roger at 801 971-4002 or send an email to

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Anonymous said...

Just got back from the lodge and was extremely impressed with the progress. Just when you think the perfect summer get-a-way couldn't get any better ... these improvements will make even more awesome. Can't wait to come back. WE LOVE THE BEAR RIVER LODGE!!!