Friday, June 6, 2008

Last Call Club - Half off Cabin Rentals

Do you ever get the urge to take a last minute getaway? If so, the Last Call Club may be just what you need to keep your getaways affordable and close to home with unlimited recreation opportunities.

The Last Call Club allows members to reserve any cabin 24 hours in advance for just half the regular rates.

Do you want to stay more than one night? Last Call members can book two nights at a time. Of course, all reservations are subject to availability.

Here is how it works - it's Thursday and you decide you want to get away for the weekend. You can call anytime Thursday and make reservations for Friday night. If you want, you can add Saturday night at the same time. Best of all you are paying half the regular rates.

JOIN THE CLUB NOW!!! The cost is only $49 per year.

To join call our reservation's office at 801 798-1008.

See you soon!

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You write very well.