Monday, September 29, 2008

Progress Continues - Fall is Here!

Cabin 6 has the roof on and the interior walls will be framed today. The plumber and HVAC contractors are starting tomorrow. Later this week the fire suppression company and the electrical contractor will begin their rough installation.

The metal roof is here and will be installed this week.

Next week windows, doors, and railing will all be delivered and installed.

This week we are also installing the septic tanks and lines and connecting the water lines.

Power will be installed in two weeks.

We are on schedule for an opening for Thanksgiving weekend.

Cabin 7 has begun. The photo of the new footings is for Cabin 7. We are going to build this one on the fast track. We hope to have it completed for use this winter (hopefully, February 1).

We are selling Quarter Ownerships in this cabin. This will be a great opportunity if you are interested in having a cabin that you can use but also place in the rental program. We already have one buyer for a quarter ownership in this cabin. The price for a quarter share is $225,000. As an incentive, we will pay 100% of the costs of operation for the entire first year. Therefore, owners will receive 100% of the rental revenue for the first year. We will still prepare the monthly accounting statements showing the costs. This will allow the owners to budget the nights they want to use and the nights they want to rent for year two. They will have a good idea of what the revenues and costs are so they can budget accordingly.

We really believe that Quarter Ownership is going to be a great program. It is our current plan to sell the remaining cabins under this program. For more information please contact Roger at or 801 971-4002.

Finally, we have made significant progress with the landscaping this year. We have additional landscaping ideas for next year including a waterfall from the cabins down to the fishing ponds. We will add more trees and shrubs in the spring as well.

Come on up! Fall is beautiful.


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