Friday, March 20, 2009

Snow is Melting and Spring is On Its Way

What a beautiful day! Days like today remind me why I like Spring. Spring is a wonderful time to be in the mountains. The days are pleasant and the skies are incredible at night. Without the lights from the city it looks like there are thousands and thousands of more stars in the sky.

Come on up and sit in the hot tub at night and you will not want to leave.

Cabin 7 is nearing completion and will be ready for renters by May. So if you haven't made your reservations for Mothers' Day or Memorial Day do it now. All cabins are rent one night and get the second night free until June 11.
ATVs are the same - rent one get one free. Or if you want to take one last snowmobile ride you can probably do that for another week or two and get one free as well.

We have made excellent progress this week on Cabin 8 and expect to set the ridge beam next week and have the roof one within three weeks from today. So check back often and watch the progress.


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