Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Most Snow Ever

Have you looked at our live weather cameras this moring?

We received about 6 inches of new snow last night.

That brings our total snow on the ground to about 3'2". That is a lot of snow.

Our family bought the Bear River Lodge in November 1997. This is our 14 winter. I don't remember a single day when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground.

Sure we have had some big snowstorms in that time and we surpassed 2 feet on several occasions. However, this 3 feet of snow has been here for more than a week and every time it starts to settle a new storm arrives and pushes the total back over the 3 foot mark.

My simple thinking says the snow is going to be around for a while. My guess is that even if it warmed up today and didn't snow again all season we would still have snow until the first of April. However, with more storms coming and normal temperatures we will probably be snowmobiling until the end of April.

If you haven't come up this winter or want one more great getaway, come on up. Our Spring Specials start next week. For just $149 you can stay a night in a one-bedroom cabin and have a two-seater snowmobile for a full day. This is a great value. We also have specials on the two and five-bedroom cabins. Whatever the size of your family or group, we can accommodate you.

Come up and enjoy the great spring weather.

Call us for availability and reservations at (801) 798-1008.

Also, take time to explore all of the additions on the website and visit our newsletter to take the Grizzly Challenge and win a full day snowmobile or ATV rental.


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