Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Demolition Has Begun

Thank you to all who came to the Home Owners’ meeting on Wednesday. I appreciate your comments and input and look forward to seeing you over the coming year.

This will be the first post of many as we begin our construction season. Our goal this year is to construct the swimming pool, pool house, and two large outdoor hot-tubs. Additionally, we are building the first five-bedroom cabin (which will be known as Cabin #6).

The demolition is moving along. We started Wednesday and made good progress by the time I left last night.

The new store is just about set up in the prior cabin known as the sales office. This store will be great. It is a great spot for the store and will be able to offer a wide variety of products. Probably the highlight of the store will be make-it-yourself soft ice cream cones.

This morning we are starting to remove the older buildings. Our goal is to have them completely removed by Friday.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and feel free to make your own posts.
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Have a great week and check back often.

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