Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Setup of Temporary Space Underway

Demolition is well under way. We are about 50% through the process of removing the old buildings and setting up our temporary work space.

The new convenience store will be mostly ready for operation this weekend. A few items that require extra plumbing may need another week or two but the store should be completely ready by Memorial Day weekend.

We have two temporary office trailers set up. One will be used for ATV and snowmobile rentals. It has an area for helmets, suits, and boots. It has a check-in area for contracts and paperwork and a lounge area for those who may need a break and want to wait for others to finish up their adventure.

The second trailer is for cabin and housekeeping usage. All cabin guests will check-in at this office. There is also office space for sales presentations and for those interested in looking at the construction plans.

Check back often to follow our progress.


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