Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Hill is Leaving

For many the Hill has become a landmark. For some it has been an inconvenience (trucks pulling trailers and wanting to park by the cabins). For everyone it will now be a memory.
As shown in the photos we removed the Hill yesterday. This will open up significant parking and allow us to do more landscaping around the cabins.
We are expecting a nice weekend so come on up and check out the new store and be one of the first to take out the new ATVs.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so direct but this is such a lame blog. Please make it cooler soon, so that I can convince my wife to go there for our vacation! Showing pictures of how dumpy your parking lot looks really doesn't win people over ... Put pics f the pond, river, forest, inside of cabins, jetted tubs, something nicer than construction that basically says "stay away"!!! Why would you do this to yourseves??? Talk about an awful promotion scheme!!!

Ashton said...

I am sorry you don't enjoy following the construction progress on the Blog.

We have many people interested in the construction progress. Not every photo will be of something beautiful.

Some of us are interested in watching the progress. As summer progresses we will be sure to add more beautiful photos.